Improvement of road safety

In the field of developing products for the improvement of road safety, Lighted Zebra Crossing B.V. has a leading role. The lighted zebra crossing, developed and patented by Lighted Zebra Crossing B.V., is respected in the Netherlands and abroad in its application. Every day, (deadly) accidents on zebra crossings happen worldwide. This is caused by the poor visibility of the zebra crossing itself. But pedestrians are also hard to see on zebra crossings, especially when it’s dark. Making use of innovative techniques contributes to the reduction of the number of victims on zebra crossings.
By adding several sensors for the purpose of registering the number of passing vehicles, vehicle velocity, axle load, number of pedestrians etc., the several road authorities can immediately respond to a possible changed situation.
From the head office in the Netherlands we are daily working on the development and production of several zebra crossings. These products are applied worldwide. The solutions of Lighted Zebra Crossing B.V. contribute to the improvement of the safety of pedestrians on zebra crossings.

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